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4 Ways to Multiply the Impact of Your Web Video After Your Trade Show is Over

Streaming a video on your company web site is just the beginning. Long after the trade show is over, you can use that footage in creative ways to market your business.
Use these four tips to help plan an effective video campaign.

1. Optimize for search engines and the people who use them.
The standard SEO tips apply here: tag the video, make sure you use keywords in the filename, create a sitemap specifically for videos, and make sure your metadata is accurate and complete.

2. Tell the world about your video.
Embed a clip in an email to your customers. Announce its URL on social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn.  Facebook allows you to post video directly. You may wish to allow people to embed the video in their blogs or websites, too.

3. Cross-link to your site.
If you decide to post the video file on YouTube or Facebook, provide a link back to your site. These public sites can reach a broad audience, and you want to get the most from their buying power.

4. Keep track of video viewers and their purchasing decisions.
Whether you choose promotional codes or separate URLs, you need to track the ways viewers find your videos—and how they react to it.


Tradeshow Tip: Broadcasting from Your Booth to Maximize Tradeshow ROI – Part 1

For years, keynote speeches and major product announcements have been shown live to audiences who cannot attend a trade show. Now you can use cutting-edge technology to create streaming video from your trade show booth—and you don’t need a news van complete with photojournalists to get great results.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing how you can create professional streaming video and use it to maximize the return on your trade-show investment.

Why use streaming video? Here are five reasons:

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