5 Ways to Leverage Real-Time Social Media Search for Your Trade Show Marketing

For years Internet search engines ignored Twitter and Facebook. But now Twitter and Facebook are indexed as rapidly as they are updated. This makes social media an even more important tool for you to use for your trade show marketing.

Since page rankings are critical when it comes to being easily found on the Internet, the following five strategies will help you better get, and then keep, the search engines’ fickle attention.

1. Maintain a strong identity.

Your Twittername should be instantly recognizable as your company. Use custom images for your Twitter profile page and your company Facebook page. Instantly recognizable branding matters as much if not more online as in slower-moving media.

2. Use tags and keywords.

Make sure each message includes the name or abbreviation of the trade show you’re particip. Keep an eye on trending topics, and say something about them.

3. Build a following.

On the Internet, connections equal influence. The more others link to your site or retweet your messages, the more powerful you are, and the higher your page rank will grow. So keep using these media between trade shows.

4. Post different content to Facebook and Twitter.

Search engine algorithms downgrade identical messages. Moreover, Facebook gives you more space. Write a brief version for Twitter and a slightly longer one for Facebook.

5. Offer fresh, fascinating content.

You’ll gain followers by giving them something they want or need: information, amusement, a sense of connection and belonging.

Susan Friedmann
For 25 years, Susan Friedmann, The Tradeshow Coach, has helped companies ramp up their trade show results with her unique ExhibitSmart (TM) Training System. International best-selling author of "Meeting and Event Planning for Dummies," "Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market," and many other titles.

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