7 Steps to Tradeshow Crisis Management

The 21st Winter Olympics are about the start.  The buzz of activities and all the arrangements are reaching a crescendo in preparation for the Opening Ceremony.  However, all is not exactly as planned.  The weather is causing havoc – fog, lack of snow and rain are not what was expected to make the events run smoothly.

How similar is this to your trade show plans? Don’t you plan for the ideal situation where everything runs seamlessly? The display and your products all arrive on time, damage-free. Your literature and giveaways are there as planned, Your team makes the trip from all parts of the world with no travel hassles. If only it was that easy!

As we all know, life has its wonderful way of throwing curve balls at us to test our endurance, but most importantly to test how well we’ve planned the event.
What is your Plan B if something untoward happens unexpectedly? Do you have a Plan B and even a Plan C?

Here are seven steps for preparing for the unforeseen:

1. Brainstorm with your team what possible scenarios could occur.
2. Ask other employees for their thoughts on unpredictable situations.
3. List all possible circumstances.
4. Map out each one of the unpredictable situations outlining what and who is needed.
5. Generate a crisis planning checklist.
6. Hold a crisis meeting with everyone who needs to be involved.
7. Create a written plan of action and distribute it to all necessary team members

Follow these seven steps, and then pray very hard that you don’t need to use anything you’ve planned for.

Having a contingency plan in place will give you peace of mind so that you’ll sleep better knowing that everything is under control, whatever happens!

Susan Friedmann
For 25 years, Susan Friedmann, The Tradeshow Coach, has helped companies ramp up their trade show results with her unique ExhibitSmart (TM) Training System. International best-selling author of "Meeting and Event Planning for Dummies," "Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market," and many other titles.

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