Are You Really Listening? 6 Trade Show Booth Staff Habits to Avoid

We’ve all been given two ears and one mouth. The question is, “do your people know how to use them in a 2:1 ratio on the tradeshow floor?”

Here are six habits that really upset visitors to your booth.  They all let visitors know that your company representative isn’t really listening to them:

1.  Doing all the talking.

2.  Interrupting when another person is talking.

3.  Never looking at the person talking.

4.  Playing with something in your hands or jangling coins in your pocket.

5.  Keeping a poker face so visitors don’t know whether you understand them.

6.  Being too serious and never smiling.

Change habits takes practice and time.  Awareness is the initial stage.  This is opportunity for your team members to help each other.

Seek help to find out what listening habits you are unaware of, and what you need to do to overcome them to be more effective.

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2 Responses to “Are You Really Listening? 6 Trade Show Booth Staff Habits to Avoid”

  1. Anders says:

    Susan you are so right. So many exhibitors are ignorant of the non-verbal signals they are sending out to prospective clients.
    When you are judged in those 3 seconds as attendees pass your booth, it is mission critical to send a congruent positive message about your company.

    Good Post!

  2. Really nice post… I’ve just tweet it!


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