The Tradeshow “All Star” Team Missed the Show (or at least some of them)

When you attend the tradeshow for the tradeshow industry, you expect to see and experience the best of the best.

It hurts to admit it, but however exciting the products and activities on the TS2 trade show floor this week, at the beautiful Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the booth behavior was inexcusable. And, I’m not the only critic who thought that!

As I cruised the aisles looking for “what’s new” in the industry, I just couldn’t help my boothmanship radar register a negative on at least 90% of the booths.  I will of course, protect the guilty.  What did I see that disappointed me – the same old, same old: unmanned booths, eating, chitchatting with colleagues, sitting around looking bored, talking on cell phones – all the classic no-no’s.  Here they are presumably, the best of the best making the age-old blunders, showing that they don’t have any real goals and objectives for being at the show.  They’re at “parade rest” – all dressed, ready to go and not engaging in any activity. Not quite the “All Start Team.” Can you feel my pain!

On a more positive note, one of the real highlights of the show was the “In Zone,” the brainchild of Dana Doody, MarComm Manager at The Expo Group. This was the hub of social media for the show floor.  Tradeshow Social Me-Jay, Emilie Barta, Interviewed key industry thought leaders, such as Joyce McKee, President, Let’s Talk Tradeshows and RD Whitney, CEO, Tarsus Online Media Division of The Tarsus Group (owners of TSNN), who not only shared their expertise, but also solicited comments from the tradeshow floor audience. Digitell, a leading full service multimedia company, then immediately broadcast these interviews live over the Internet helping to create TS2 as a hybrid event.

This is truly a powerful model that other shows could copy to add excitement, not only for the current event, but for future events you don’t want to miss.


Total Marketing Solutions at TS2 – The Tradeshow for the Tradeshow Industry

In just a few short days the “who’s who” of the exhibiting world will be gathering in Boston at the Boston Convention Center for the major trade show for the trade show industry.

This year’s TS2 event promises to be the best ever, with more than 40 high level education sessions and 200 exhibiting companies, you’ll find some powerful ideas and solutions to help get your exhibit and event marketing program on the fast-track for success!

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your existing skills, expand your expertise or update your exhibiting “know-how,” TS2′s in-depth programming for both beginners and experienced exhibiting professionals, is a “must go to” event.

I very much look forward to seeing you in Boston next week for what promises to be an absolutely amazing event!

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