6 Simple Steps to Maintain Your Trade Show Booth

Any regular trade show exhibitor knows that a good trade show booth doesn’t come cheap. In fact, some of them can be pretty darn expensive. Fortunately, if you treat your booth right and take time to maintain it, it should last you for years and years to come.

Want to get the most out of your trade show booth investment? Follow these six easy steps for booth maintenance:

1. Always use a carrying case. Travel is extremely dangerous for a trade show booth. It easily can get dropped, slammed into a wall or caught in the rain, rendering it completely useless. Safeguard you booth by using a carrying case at all time during travel.
2. Thoroughly clean it after every show. When you’re done exhibiting, wipe down all elements of your booth with a damp cloth, and completely dry it before taking it down and packing it away. This can help prevent dirt, dust and grime from building up on your displays.
3. Take your booth down with care. Even if you’re in a hurry, take your time when tearing down your booth. Fold up each and every piece as it’s meant to be folded, detach add-ons and smaller parts, and roll up banners and signage properly. You don’t want to end up with unsightly creases or breaks the next time you pull your booth out. Plus, you can inspect each piece as you deconstruct and see if any part of your booth will need maintenance or repair before your next show.
4. Be careful where you store it. Always store your booth in a climate-controlled environment. Heat can warp your displays, make colors fade and have other damaging effects on your booth. You’ll also want to be sure no rodents or bugs can get to your displays in storage either, as they could chew on our burrow holes in your booth.
5. Look into shipping options. If you’re traveling a long distance to and from a show, consider shipping your trade show booth professionally. This can help prevent any damage from occurring while in transit. If you attend trade shows frequently, you can plan ahead and try storing your display at a facility located midway between two trade show cities so you can minimize your shipping costs.
6. Get professional help. When in doubt, always contact a professional trade show booth manufacturer to help store and maintain your pieces. Often, they can even provide repair services if pieces of your booth need fixing.

By using these six tips and properly caring for and maintaining your trade show booth, you can ensure it lasts your company for many years (and many shows) to come.

Guest blog post: Ballance Display manufactures custom portable trade show exhibits and marketing displays, display graphics, and other light weight accessories.”


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  1. I think the best advice is seeking professional help for your trade show booth. For set up and take down is really helps to have experienced people take care of those details. Some of the exhibits can get a little complicated and the professionals have done so many that it makes it a breeze.


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