Trade Show Giveaways: Are You Wasting Your Money?

trade show giveawaysHave you ever found yourself struggling to find the right trade show giveaways? Shopping for trade show giveaways can be an overwhelming task. The catalogs jammed packed with tschokes, from pens, pencils, and mouse pads, to coffee mugs, baseball caps and more, can make your head spin! When your boss and sales reps chime in with their bright ideas for novel giveaways, you’re in mega information overload. With all this information, how do you choose the right giveaway that leaves a lasting impression with a powerful marketing message?

It’s time to consider what happens when the trade show is over.  Imagine an attendee who’s a buyer for a large chain of clothing stores, and she’s just spent three days at a show. Dazzled by the whole experience, and tired from the journey, she is sitting in her office examining her tote bags full of goodies. Right now, her first thoughts might go something like this:

“Wow, they love handing out pens and pencils. Maybe my new hires can use those mouse pads. How about the tote bags? They might come in handy for groceries, or for my assistant. And the hi-tech novelties can go straight to my teenage son, Darrell.”

Suddenly, she spots a small booklet entitled “27 Ways to Be A More Discerning Buyer,” which appears packed full of interesting information. She quickly slips it into her handbag to look at on the train ride home. Out of all the giveaways she walked away with, this booklet proved to be the only thing of value to her.

Informational products, like booklets, special reports, checklists, tip sheets, audio or video recordings make much more powerful and valuable trade show giveaways.

Let’s take a quick look at five ways they help you stand head and shoulders above your competition:

1. Builds credibility.

They build credibility because information wins the day. It’s that simple. When you provide your audience with information they can use, they view you as knowledgeable.

2. Viewed as a thought leader.

When you’re viewed as knowledgeable, customers and prospects often translate this into expertise, mastery or thought leadership in your industry.

3. Sends a positive message.

As a thought leader, informational products send the message that you are interested in pursuing a real relationship with your customers. You understand their problems and challenges. You can offer them solutions.

Compare that to a coffee mug. The customer is more likely to think about having their morning caffeine fix before they ever think about you!

4. More bang for your buck.

You get more for your money when you choose informational products. You can create your own content, and then have the license to do what you want with them.

5. Use existing informational products.

On the other hand, there are many informational products available where you can easily get permission to simply personalize it with your logo, website, and contact information.

Pens run out of ink, coffee cups can be dropped and broken, but informational products are remembered, valued, and most importantly, can trigger buying activity.


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